How User-Friendly is a European Dedicated Server?

If you wish to hold a website on the Web, then you need a server. And Dedicated Servers are the best servers in the world today, owing to its extreme user-friendliness. European hosts have great ease of customization, offer great security and are highly cost-effective too. Thus, these servers are undoubtedly the best servers for all websites today.

Dedicated Servers versus VPS:

Dedicated Servers versus VPS

Shared Servers or VPS and dediziertes (Dedicated) Servers both perform webhosting. A VPS is shared by many other websites. Thus, a single server hosts more than one website in this case, and stores software and files of many websites together. Committed hosts on the contrary, host just a single website. Thus, they store software and files of only one website and are owned by just one website patron.

Thus, toegewijd (dedicated) servers are more user-friendly than VPS because they ensure greater degree of security and privacy to websites, unlike VPS which store information of multiple parties at the same time. Dedicated servers also allow greater customization bandwidth compared to VPS, because a dedicated hosting is solely owned by only you, a single website patron, and no other website patrons, thus you are at complete ease to customize your server.

Advantages of European Dedicated Servers:

Other than the facts that Hosting dedicated servers ensure great security, privacy and customization bandwidth compared to other servers, there are other factors too which make dedicated servers so user-friendly and popular today. They are as follows:

•    Ample Storage Space: If you buy a dedicated Europe servers, you can avail a good speed of data transfer and also a dependable CPU with huge RAM storage. This huge storage space also gives you an opportunity for expanding your business, which results in website expansion too. And owing to ample storage space, the website operations will not get interrupted due to the website’s expansion. This makes dedicated servers a great choice for all websites today, especially the growing ones.

• Smooth Network Connectivity: A dedicated server can give you continuous network connection without any outside interruption. Every website has a huge amount of traffic towards it, which poses a threat of website breakdown. Thus, an efficient server is desirable so that the traffic can be well managed and tracked. A dedicated server offers 99.9% of a server up time, making it one of the best options that can be used for the servers of websites.

• Low on Cost:  Depending upon your business, you need to access many websites at once. This will cause consumption of server resources irrespective of if your website traffic is going up or going down. Thus, dedicated servers are better compared to other servers because it is more budget friendly in terms of functionality as compared to others. However, you may find that dedicated servers have high installation costs, but the functionality of dedicated servers make their functioning costs cheaper than functioning costs of other websites.

• Optimum Security: We cannot compile a list of advantages of dedicated servers without emphasizing on this particular advantage. A dedicated server provides optimum level of security and privacy for all websites, resulting in more power and control to the patron. With the help of these easily handled dedicated servers, your website can perform really well, and can also have a highly appreciable capacity to store information. Websites also store various information which are secretive and should not get leaked for example, the information about a customer’s payment details for an e-commerce website. Thus, website security is an important factor, which is greatly ensured by dedicated servers.

Types of Dedicated Servers:

Types of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers come in various types, and you can easily choose the one which is best suited for you, making dedicated servers user-friendly.

In terms of cost, we have two types of dedicated servers- metered dedicated servers and unmetered dedicated servers. Metered dedicated servers provide ultimate bandwidth usage and come at really affordable prices. However, you are charged according to the bandwidths consumed. Thus, if you are not sure about the bandwidths you shall consume and not willing to waste on unused bandwidths, then unmetered dedicated servers are the best for you. They do not charge anything extra for data transfer, so you can consume as much bandwidth you want, without any worries of costs.

In terms of management, dedicated servers come in two varieties- managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. An unmanaged dedicated server means you are the sole manager of your server, and the datacenters will not help you in this regard. Thus, you are responsible for every aspect of server maintenance, right from ensuring that the server is functioning well to installing upgrades and patches. A managed dedicated server, on the contrary, requires that the server hosting company will ensure all the technicalities of keeping servers running smoothly and all updates are done. Thus, for managed dedicated servers, if your server crashes, the webhost company will fix the server for you. Thus, it is advisable to go for managed servers if you are not a great tech savvy person especially in terms of server handling, and also do not have a strong IT professional team as a backup in your office.

Unmanaged servers can be the best option for you if you know about server handling or have reliable IT professionals on your end. In fact, unmanaged servers are not completely unmanaged- server companies do help in case of hardware issues and software installations and configurations. But they charge for the services they provide. And thus, though managed dedicated servers can seem to be costlier than unmanaged dediziertes (dedicated) servers, the hourly basis of charge taken by service providers in case of need for unmanaged dedicated servers can be comparatively more of an expenditure compared to that for a managed dedicated server package.

Discounted Dedicated Servers- Another User Friendly Aspect:

Dedicated web hosting usually uses high connectivity routes, to ensure uninterrupted connectivity even if one connection fails, owing to multiple uplinks provided to the routes. However, this makes the installation costs high, and the cost investment here can be easily compensated by website owners by availing discounted dedicated servers, which have lucrative discounts on other aspects of dedicated servers that make bandwidth dedicated servers highly cheap. Also, their functioning is of low cost, making them cheapest in the long run.

Discounted dedicated servers are usually provided by dedicated server companies across the globe especially the European server companies, when bulk services are purchased for a long duration of time. However, new server companies also offer large discounts to all buyers irrespective of their quantity or duration of purchase to attract more customers. The prices of dedicated servers depend upon the hardware and software used. Also, additional services like custom programming and certain additional upgrades increase the cost.

Dedicated server providers also give discounts on additional features such as expansion of web space, multiple domain names and hardware or software upgrades. Additional features like load balancing, firewall support, and so on are often given as complimentary packages. Monthly offers are more operational than offers on rates of usage, which reduce costs. Billing cycles also affects costs, and longer billing cycles are more discounted.


Thus, dediziertes (dedicated) servers are highly user-friendly because of their numerous advantageous features primarily greater customization bandwidth, and privacy and security. The numerous types of dedicated servers make it easier for patrons to choose the best one for them, which is another user-friendly aspect of dedicated servers. Also, in spite of having high installation costs, the very low functional costs and the various discounts offered by various dedicated server companies, make dedicated servers more user-friendly compared to other servers worldwide.